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Musical Instrument - Mute 4.0 Synth

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Memorabilia Category: Equipment
Memorabilia Type: Musical Instrument
Part code: ?
EAN / barcode: n/a
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Release date: 7th December 2018
Limited Edition: Yes
Promotional item: No
Related label: Mute


The Dirty Electronics MUTE 4.0 SYNTH is a synth with inputs, a digital wavetable synthesiser, an analogue noise circuit, and programmable sequencer. These features can all be combined in an environment to experiment with sound. Being hand-held, battery-powered and with headphone and line out, the synth is ideal for music making on the move as well as in the studio. At a turn of a knob and press of a button, sequences, control voltages, and cut-up loops can be programmed; or listen to the Voltage Collection by Dirty Electronics.

The MUTE 4.0 SYNTH is on-going research by Dirty Electronics into making music with wires and code, objects and materials; and an artwork printed circuit board collaboration with Adrian Shaughnessy and Regular Practice. Printed circuit board meets album cover.

• Two inputs/sound sources - mixer
• Sequencer (programmable)
• Programmable control voltages (x5) +5v
• Cut-up - brassage (programmable)
• On-board wavetable synth (select sounds and algorithms)
• Feedback/noise circuit
• Filter (VCF) - bandpass/lowpass + resonance
• Portamento
• Touch and knob/pot controls
• External sync
• Battery powered (9v)
• Headphone/line out
• Hackable
• Expandable - chip releases
• Artwork PCB

Expand the Synth with a limited edition chip by Dirty Electronics and Max Wainwright with mangled waveforms and accompanying fold-out booklet on microcomputer music.


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