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ArtistTitleTypeCatalogue IDDateView
Various ArtistsThe Devil's JukeboxAlbumBFDJ 1-101989
Sonic YouthBad Moon RisingAlbumBFFP 0011988view icon
Sonic YouthDeath Valley '69AlbumBFFP 002
Sonic YouthFlower / HalloweenSingleBFFP 003Jan 1986
Sonic YouthEVOLAlbumBFFP 0041986view icon
Head Of DavidDogbreathAlbumBFFP 0051986
Big StickDrag RacingAlbumBFFP 0061986
Sonic YouthStarpowerSingleBFFP 0071986
Ciccone YouthInto The Groove(y) / Burnin' UpSingleBFFP 008Nov 1986
Lee RanaldoFrom Here To InfinityAlbumBFFP 0091987
Head Of DavidLPAlbumBFFP 010Sep 1986
Big BlackAtomizerAlbumBFFP 0111986
UTEarly Live LifeAlbumBFFP 012Jul 1987
Various ArtistsNothing Short of Total War (Part One)AlbumBFFP 013Mar 1989
Big BlackHeadache / HeartbeatSingleBFFP 0141987
Butthole SurfersLocust Abortion TechnicianAlbumBFFP 015Jun 1987
UTConvictionAlbumBFFP 016Jan 1988
UTIn Gut's HouseAlbumBFFP 017Jan 1988
Head Of DavidDustbowlAlbumBFFP 018Apr 1987
Big BlackSongs About FuckingAlbumBFFP 0191987
Sonic YouthSisterAlbumBFFP 0201987
not released?BFFP 021
not released?BFFP 022
Big BlackThe Rich Man's Eight Track TapeAlbumBFFP 0231987
Big BlackHe's A Whore / The ModelSingleBFFP 024
Big StickCrack 'N' DragAlbumBFFP 025
Sonic YouthMaster=Dik / Beat On The BratSingleBFFP 0261988
RapemanBuddAlbumBFFP 0271988
Ciccone YouthThe Whitey AlbumAlbumBFFP 028Mar 1988
Butthole SurfersHairway To StevenAlbumBFFP 029Mar 1988
Dinosaur Jr.Freak Scene / Keep the GloveAlbumBFFP 030Sep 1988
Dinosaur Jr.BugAlbumBFFP 031Oct 1988
Sonic YouthSonic DeathAlbumBFFP 0321988
RapemanTwo Nuns And A Pack MuleAlbumBFFP 0331988
Sonic YouthDaydream NationAlbumBFFP 0341988
ArsenalManipulatorAlbumBFFP 035Dec 1988
UTGrillerAlbumBFFP 036Feb 1989
Head Of DavidThe Saveana MixesAlbumBFFP 037Feb 1989
not released?BFFP 038
Glenn BrancaSymphony No. 6 (Devil Choirs At The Gates Of Heaven)AlbumBFFP 039Apr 1989
The MekonsThe Mekons Rock n' RollAlbumBFFP 040Sep 1989
Butthole SurfersWidowermaker!AlbumBFFP 041Jul 1989
Sun RaOut There A MinuteAlbumBFFP 042Mar 1989
Band Of SusansLove AgendaAlbumBFFP 043Jan 1989
LunachicksLunachicksAlbumBFFP 044Jun 1989
A.C. TempleSourpussAlbumBFFP 045 Sep 1989
Sonic YouthTouch Me I'm Sick / HalloweenAlbumBFFP 046Jan 1989
Dinosaur Jr.Just Like HeavenSingleBFFP 047Feb 1989
Sonic YouthProvidenceAlbumBFFP 0481989
not released?BFFP 049
Beme SeedThe Future Is Attacking [a.k.a. Beme Seed]AlbumBFFP 050 Jul 1989
not released?BFFP 051
LunachicksBabysitters on AcidAlbumBFFP 052Nov 1990
The MekonsThe Dream And Lie Of...SingleBFFP 053
EasyEasySingleBFFP 0541990
LunachicksCookie Moshter (Cookie Core) / ComplicationAlbumBFFP 055Apr 1990
StretchheadsEyeball Origami Aftermath Wit Vegetarian LegAlbumBFFP 0561990
EasyMagic SeedAlbumBFFP 0571990
StretchheadsPish in Your SleazebagAlbumBFFP 058Feb 1990
Mr. PeppermintMr. PeppermintAlbumBFFP 059
Sun RaLive In London 1990AlbumBFFP 060May 1996
EasyHe Brings the HoneyAlbumBFFP 061Feb 1991
The MekonsF.U.N. 90SingleBFFP 062
A.C. TempleBelinda BackwardsAlbumBFFP 0631991
Stretchheads23 Skinner (Theme From Rhoda) / Housewife Up Yer Fuckin Arse MusicAlbumBFFP 064Dec 1990
EasyHoroscopeAlbumBFFP 0651990
Head Of DavidSeed StateAlbumBFFP 066
not released?BFFP 067
StretchheadsBarbed Anal ExciterAlbumBFFP 068 1991
Head Of DavidSoul SparkSingleBFFP 069view icon
not released?BFFP 070
Mother GooseToo Many TintinsAlbumBFFP 071
not released?BFFP 072
not released?BFFP 073
not released?BFFP 074
not released?BFFP 075
not released?BFFP 076
not released?BFFP 077
not released?BFFP 078
not released?BFFP 079
The MekonsThe Curse of the MekonsAlbumBFFP 0801991
Common LanguageSharks to BloodAlbumBFFP 0811991
MaxineMaxineAlbumBFFP 0821991
Big StickHoochie Koo TimeAlbumBFFP 0831991
Common LanguageFlesh ImpactAlbumBFFP 0841993
not released?BFFP 085
not released?BFFP 086
not released?BFFP 087
not released?BFFP 088
The Afghan WhigsGentlemenSingleBFFP 089Sep 1993
The Afghan WhigsGentlemenAlbumBFFP 090Oct 1993
not released?BFFP 091
not released?BFFP 092
Various ArtistsThe Lost WeekendAlbumBFFP 0931993
not released?BFFP 094
The Afghan WhigsDebonairSingleBFFP 095Feb 1994
The Afghan WhigsWhat Jail Is LikeSingleBFFP 096 15 Aug 1994view icon
F.M. EinheitMerry ChristmasAlbumBFFP 097
not released?BFFP 098
The RaincoatsExtended PlaySingleBFFP 099
Charles GayleLive At DisobeyAlbumBFFP 100Apr 1994
Sun RaCosmic VisionsSingleBFFP 101
Phill NiblockA Young Person's Guide to Phill NiblockAlbumBFFP 102Jul 1995
Lee RanaldoEast Jesus (Some Recordings 1981-1991)AlbumBFFP 103
not released?BFFP 104
Various ArtistsDeconstructAlbumBFFP 1051994
not released?BFFP 106
Various Artists3 Fingers and a FumbAlbumBFFP 1071995
The Blue HumansLive In London 1994AlbumBFFP 1081996
Keiji HainoSaying I Love You, I Continue to Curse MyselfAlbumBFFP 1091996
Caspar BrötzmannHomeAlbumBFFP 110
Band Of SusansWired for SoundAlbumBFFP 111Feb 1995
not released?BFFP 112
Sonic YouthConfusion Is SexAlbumBFFP 11311 Nov 1996
Band Of SusansHere Comes SuccessAlbumBFFP 114Mar 1995
SuicideCheree (Remix)SingleBFFP 115Jan 1998
not released?BFFP 116
not released?BFFP 117
Pan SonicVakioAlbumBFFP 118Sep 1995view icon
Sonic YouthScreaming Fields Of Sonic LoveAlbumBFFP 119
not released?BFFP 120
not released?BFFP 121
not released?BFFP 122
EarthSunn Amps and Smashed GuitarsAlbumBFFP 123 1995
FushitsushaPurple Trap (The Wound That Was Given Birth to Must Be Bigger Than The Wound That Gave Birth)AlbumBFFP 124 1996
MerzbowNoizheadAlbumBFFP 1251995
MC Hellshit & DJ CarhouseLive!AlbumBFFP 1261996
not released?BFFP 127
Pan SonicOsastoAlbumBFFP 128Jul 1996
Caspar Brötzmann / Page HamiltonZulutimeAlbumBFFP 129
not released?BFFP 130
not released?BFFP 131
Pan SonicKulmaAlbumBFFP 13227 Jan 1997
SuicideSuicideAlbumBFFP 1331998view icon
HovercraftVagus Nerve / De-Orbit Burn (Scanner Remixes)SingleBFFP 13411 Aug 1997
HovercraftAkathisiaAlbumBFFP 13510 Feb 1997
LabradfordLabradfordAlbumBFFP 13625 Nov 1996
The Williams Fairey Brass BandAcid BrassAlbumBFFP 137
MerzbowScumtron - Merzbow RemixedAlbumBFFP 13816 Jun 1997view icon
not released?BFFP 139
not released?BFFP 140
Various ArtistsNewman Passage - Souvenir ComplicationAlbumBFFP 14126 May 1997
MasonnaBeauty BeastAlbumBFFP 1421999
Various ArtistsThree Inch Compact Disc Featuring Exclusive Tracks By Masonna / MC Hellshit & DJ Carhouse / MerzbowAlbumBFFP 143Aug 1997
LabradfordMi Media NaranjaAlbumBFFP 14413 Oct 1997
Vainio / Väisänen / VegaMedalSingleBFFP 1451998
2K***k The MillenniumAlbumBFFP 14613 Oct 1997view icon
Vainio / Väisänen / VegaEndlessAlbumBFFP 1471998
not released?BFFP 148
Pan SonicAAlbumBFFP 149 Feb 1999
The Williams Fairey Brass BandAcid BrassAlbumBFFP 15010 Nov 1997
Ken Kesey with Ken Babbs And The Merry Band Of PrankstersHogs Are A Coming/Peggy The PistolSingleBFFP 15111 Aug 1997
not released?BFFP 152
SuicideReinventing AmericaAlbumBFFP 153Jan 1998
not released?BFFP 154
not released?BFFP 155
not released?BFFP 156
LabradfordE Luxo SoAlbumBFFP 157
not released?BFFP 158
Robin GuthrieDrifting A.F.U.AlbumBFFP 1591999
HovercraftExperiment BelowAlbumBFFP 160Mar 1999
Pan SonicBAlbumBFFP 161Mar 1999
SuicideThe Second Album + The First Rehearsal TapesAlbumBFFP 162Jul 1999
Pan American360 Business / 360 BypassAlbumBFFP 163
not released?BFFP 164
Pan SonicxAlbumBFFP 1651999
Pan SonicAaltopiiriAlbumBFFP 1662001
LabradfordFixed::ContextAlbumBFFP 1672000
SuicideAmerican SupremeAlbumBFFP 1682002
not released?BFFP 169
not released?BFFP 170
not released?BFFP 171
LiarsThey Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On TopAlbumBFFP 17219 Aug 2002view icon
not released?BFFP 173
LiarsFins To Make Us More Fish-likeSingleBFFP 174Dec 2002view icon
LiarsLive At The Garage, London, 17.02.02 [unreleased]AlbumBFFP 17520 Feb 2002view icon
Various ArtistsSonic Mook Experiment Vol.2 (Future Rock 'n' Roll)AlbumBFFP 1762002
Various ArtistsSonic Mook Experiment Vol.3 (Hot Shit)AlbumBFFP 1772003
SuicideA Way Of LifeAlbumBFFP 17831 Jan 2005view icon
not released?BFFP 179
Pan SonicKesto (234.48:4)AlbumBFFP 1802004
not released?BFFP 181
not released?BFFP 182
The Martini Henry RiflesLuger 6000SingleBFFP 183
TerashimaCheapAlbumBFFP 1842002
Erase ErrataOther AnimalsAlbumBFFP 1852003
not released?BFFP 186
Erase ErrataAt Crystal PalaceAlbumBFFP 1872003
not released?BFFP 188
KaitoKaito EPSingleBFFP 189
KaitoBand RedAlbumBFFP 1902004
SuicideWhy Be Blue? + LiveAlbumBFFP 1912004
not released?BFFP 192
not released?BFFP 193
Alan VegaStationAlbumBFFP 19423 Apr 2007
Ciccone YouthThe Whitey AlbumAlbumBFUS 281988
Sonic YouthTeenage RiotAlbumBFUS 341988
Band Of SusansChild Of The Moon / Fall DownSingleCAT 0711989
A.C. Temple / Beme SeedMiss Sky / God InsideSingleCAT 0751989
Sonic YouthSister Interview DiscAlbumCHAT 11987
Big BlackTalk About "Fucking”AlbumCHAT 21987
PlunderphonicPlunderphonicSingleDISCX 0011994
PlunderphonicPlunderphonicAlbumDISX 0011994
Band Of SusansHard LightAlbumEPRO-1751989
Various ArtistsSavage Pencil Presents Angel Dust: Music for Movie BikersAlbumFU 031988
Band Of SusansHope Against HopeAlbumFU 051988
A.C. TempleBlowtorchAlbumFU 061990
Gary Panter / Jay CottonOne Hell SoundwichAlbumFU 071990
Various ArtistsChrome, Smoke & Fire: A Compilation of Hot Rod Music by Robt. WilliamsAlbumFU 081991
Raymond Pettibon With Super SessionTorches and StandardsAlbumFU 091990
Joe ColemanInfernal MachineAlbumFU 101990
Big BlackSound of ImpactAlbumNOT 2 [BUT 1]1987
Head Of DavidThe Shit Hits the FanAlbumNOT 31987
The SlitsThe Return Of The Giant SlitsAlbumPTYT 0085 Nov 2007
Pan SonicKuvaputkiAlbumPTYT 0092008
Harry BertoiaSonambientAlbumPTYT 0132008
Head Of DavidWhite ElephantAlbumWANT 0011989

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