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Client Client Album primary image cover photoClient7 July 2003view icon
Client Going Down Album primary image cover photoGoing Down2004view icon
Client City Album primary image cover photoCitySeptember 2004view icon
Client Live At Club Koko Album primary image cover photoLive At Club Koko [live]March 2005view icon
Client Metropolis - remixes, b-sides & rarities Album primary image cover photoMetropolis - remixes, b-sides & rarities [selection/best of]2 May 2005view icon
The Rotherham Sessions2006view icon
Client featuring Robert Görl
Live In Porto [live]
November 2006view icon
Being Boiled DJ Set2007view icon
Client Heartland Album primary image cover photoHeartlandMarch 2007view icon
Untitled Remix2008view icon
Client Command Album primary image cover photoCommandJune 2009view icon
Live In Hamburg [live]October 2009view icon
Client Authority Album primary image cover photoAuthority21 March 2014view icon


Client2002view icon
Price Of Love2003view icon
Rock And Roll Machine30 June 2003view icon
Here And NowNovember 2003view icon
In It For The MoneyJune 2004view icon
RadioSeptember 2004view icon
PornographyJanuary 2005view icon
Client Don't Call Me Baby Single primary image cover photoDon't Call Me Baby2005view icon
Lights Go OutDecember 2006view icon
DriveJanuary 2007view icon
Zerox Machine15 January 2007view icon
It’s Not OverOctober 2007view icon
Can You Feel2009view icon
SatisfactionFebruary 2009view icon
Make Me Believe In YouSeptember 2009view icon
You Can DanceDecember 2013view icon
Client Refuge Single primary image cover photoRefuge21 March 2014view icon

Music Videos

RadioSeptember 2004view icon
PornographyJanuary 2005view icon
DriveJanuary 2007view icon

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