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The CyberNoise Directives 2019 (Best Of Year 2019)

by Graham Needham (© 11th December 2019)

The CyberNoise yearly lists are compiled from the music that has been played the most by the CyberNoise team this year, using various metrics including iTunes play counts, longevity, personal memory and most importantly those albums still on rotation months after their release - they are in no specific order. This year was particularly hard with some really good new music from many artists including the following that didn't quite make it: There were also a couple of great reissues plus some Cherry Red compilations that just missed out on this year's top ten: However, there can ultimately only be ten, so, well done to everyone on this year's top ten lists. Don't forget to support your favourite artists, either directly or via the iTunes and Amazon links listed here. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

10 Albums Of The Year 2019

Front Line Assembly Wake Up The Coma front cover image picture

Front Line Assembly

• Wake Up The Coma
Cosey Fanni Tutti TUTTI front cover image picture

Cosey Fanni Tutti

Howard Jones Transform front cover image picture

Howard Jones

• Transform
Paul Haslinger Halt And Catch Fire Volume 2 Original Television Soundtrack front cover image picture

Paul Haslinger

• Halt And Catch Fire Volume 2
(Original Television Soundtrack)
Rhys Fulber Ostalgia front cover image picture

Rhys Fulber

• Ostalgia
Also available (including FLAC format digital) directly from Sonic Groove's Bandcamp page.
Alessandro Cortini VOLUME MASSIMO front cover image picture

Alessandro Cortini

Exclusive physical limited editions available from
K.M.F.D.M. PARADISE front cover image picture


OHMelectronic self titled front cover image picture


• OHMelectronic
Stephen Mallinder um dada front cover image picture

Stephen Mallinder

• um dada
Jonteknik Tectonics front cover image picture


• Tectonics
Also available (including FLAC format digital/limited edition LP) directly from Jonteknik's Bandcamp page.

10 Compilations and Reissues 2019

Mark Stewart And The Maffia Learning To Cope With Cowardice front cover image picture

Mark Stewart And The Maffia

• Learning To Cope With Cowardice / The Lost Tapes

Remastered and expanded
Heaven 17 Play To Win - The Virgin Years (Box Set) front cover image picture

Heaven 17

• Play To Win - The Virgin Years

10xCD box set
Signed editions are available from Amazon UK
Chris And Cosey 2019 vinyl reissues front cover image picture

Chris And Cosey

• Heartbeat
• Trance
• Songs Of Love & Lust
• Exotika

Remastered coloured vinyl LP reissues

Officially available from Cargo Records.
Industrial Accident documentary soundtrack front cover image picture

Various Artists

• Industrial Accident
LP / CD / Digital / Box Set
Also available directly from Wax Trax.
Also available on CD / in hi-res digital format from Wax Trax's Bandcamp page.
Tangerine Dream In Search Of Hades: The Virgin Recordings 1973 – 1979 front cover image picture

Tangerine Dream

• In Search Of Hades: The Virgin Recordings 1973 – 1979

16xCD+2xBD box set with 68-page hard-back book
A limited edition with a rare original Ricochet promo poster was exclusively available from
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark Souvenir box set front cover image picture

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

• Souvenir

5xCD+2xDVD box set / 108 track Digital
Lassigue Bendthaus Cloned + singles / Render + bonus tracks front cover image picture

Lassigue Bendthaus

• Cloned + singlesRender + bonus tracks

Remastered Digital
Also available in hi-res audio directly from the Atom Audio Archive.
Harold Faltermeyer Fletch Lives front cover image picture

Harold Faltermeyer

• Fletch Lives

Remastered limited edition CD
The Anti Group 4X12 front cover image picture

The Anti Group

• 4X12
Limited edition CD / Digital
Also available directly from Peripheral Minimal's Bandcamp page.
The Force Dimension Deus Ex Machina front cover image picture

The Force Dimension

• Deus Ex Machina

limited edition 2xLP / Digital
Also available directly from Mecanica's Bandcamp page.

Officially Released Live Video Awards 2019

With yet another year of lacklustre official live video releases (and no, Depeche Mode's SPiRiTS In The Forest doesn't count, although that was a great "documentary") there are slim pickings to be had. However, Soft Cell come to the rescue with an absolutely stunning high definition recording of their one night, one final time, Say Hello Wave Goodbye gig at the O2 Arena, London recorded on the 30th September 2018…

1st - Soft Cell - Say Hello Wave Goodbye: The O2 London

--> First place for a stunning, awe-inspiring gig from the non stop ecstatic dancing duo of Marc Almond and Dave Ball.

Available as deluxe photobook set, Blu-Ray, DVD or digital:

Deluxe Photobook 2xCD+DVD+Blu-Ray DVD+2xCD Digital Also available as DVD+Blu-Ray+Hi-Res Download directly from the official Soft Cell store via Lexer Music.

2nd - Pet Shop Boys - Inner Sanctum

--> Always good for a live video and this one is available in glorious hi-resolution blu-ray along with a DVD and double CD audio recording. This video was recorded in July 2018 during the band's four-day Inner Sanctum residency at the Royal Opera House in London as part of the Super Tour.


3rd - Killing Joke - Malicious Damage - Live At The Astoria 12.10.03

--> Another great live video release, but unfortunately, no hi-def blu-ray edition.


Books of 2019

Soft Cell - To Show You I've Been There…

--> Those fan favourites showing you the art of falling apart…

Book + exclusive 7" + christmas card/envelope + tote bag available directly from Soft Cell while stocks last!

Moby - Then It Fell Apart

--> Part two of his auto-biography. Lots of juicy gossip and some of it caused quite a reaction

Stephen Morris - Record Play Pause

--> Bernard's done one. Hooky's done one. Now it's the Joy Division/New Order drummer's turn… SIGNED copies available from Rough Trade while stocks last!

The CyberNoise Directives

Recommendations For 2020 - Watch and LISTEN out for them!
(oh and buy their stuff of course…)


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